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Sunday, 9 November 2008

I'm Back

Wow what a Fantastic time I had with my friends!!! I really enjoyed the time and break away, its nice to be home but we had such a great time!. It was sues birthday on the thursday and the lovely Mandi blew the balloons up at 6.30 in the morning I was up but had no blow lol, we had a fantastic day that day playing with the wii and Sues new maracas game, if you havent got it you must get it it is amazing and so much fun, beware though if your as unfit as me you will suffer for it the next day!

Sue and Gr then took me to a fireworks party on the friday and it was brilliant! they had a hog roast I didnt but the host had cooked the most amazing mushroom soup SUE IF YOU READ THIS REMEMBER THE RECIPE FOR ME!!!!! hehehe.
And can I point you in Sues direction I have finally got her to set up a blog so watch this space as shes so creative hopefully she will begin uploading soon, now we just have to work on Mandi!!!!!lol.

No cards today I may just catch up with some challenges and cards tomoz!!! I hope lol.

So checking my comments and I have 3 awards and have been tagged so here goes:-

Firstly thankyous to Erin and Lesley for awarding my blog with the I love your blog award, it is always so nice to know people like what your doing thaanks muchly ladies. Erin:- Lesley:- :o) xxxI have to forward this onto 7 other blogs and I am going to forward it onto all of the ladies in my follwers I do appreciate you taking the time to visit

A huge thankyou to Toni for thinking of me and awarding me with this next award, Thanks so much hunny :o) The rules of this award is to pass it onto 5 more people so here are my 5, I hope you dont mind as I am passing the tag below ont you too!

And I have been tagged by Erin and I have to answer 5 sets of questions and then pass it onto 5 more friends:-

Things I love

1:- My Family and Friends

2:- My Kitties

3:- Crafting

4:- Formula 1

5:- Cuppa Tea

Things I dont

1:- rudeness is there really any need????

2:- people who will not serve you alcohol or ciggies in the shops when you are clearly over 18!!!

3:- Unhygenic people ugh!


5:- Sunday Drivers

Music on my Ipod (does mp3player count?)

1:-Blondie - Denis

2:-Thats what friend are for - Dionne Warwick

3:-Superwoman - Karyn White

4:-Rhythn is a dancer - Snap

5:-Lets get rocked - Def Leppard

Fave Food and Drinks

1:- Cuppa Tea

2:- PieMash

3:- Frazzles Crisps

4:- Sprite/7up

5:- Beef Roast Dinner MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

and now to pass it onto 5 people well I have selected the same 5 as above! phew! Thanks everyone.x



Good to see you back hun and glad you had a nice time away with your friends. Hugs linda x

Kath said...

Thanks Joey for the award...I have already received this several times but it was so nice of you to think about me...

Dawn said...

Aww thanks Joey - have posted everything up!