My Lovely Followers Thankyou :)

Friday, 10 October 2008


Wow an award,I feel honoured to have been given!. The lovely Alex has given me this award, Huge thanks to Alex :o) xxx

The award is called the Wylde Women Award and its purpose is to send love to and acknowledge women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between
2. Make sure you link to their site
3. Link back to Tammy at so she can visit all these great women
4. Remember the purpose of the award

So I am going to forward this award onto ALL of the blogs in my blog lists, my friends, blogs I visit, and to all my sbs sisters.Please add this award as you all deserve it for your sharing and friendships!. I just want to give 2 links not singling anyone out, as these blogs really make for some great reading!



tammy vitale said...

congratulations on joining the sisterhood of the Wylde Women!

Babz said...

Hey Joey

long time no speak hunni, thanks for leaving me a comment in my blog. Have added you to my followers and yes I would be honoured if you added me to. Congrats on your award, speak soon
Babz :0)

KRISTIN said...

Thanks Joey for making me smile once again! Kristin