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Monday, 27 October 2008

Blog Candy from Dawn

My sbs Dawn has some blog candy up for offer, for reaching 20,000 hits wowzer! Visit Dawns blog for more information and inspiration!!!
So part of Dawns blog candy is to show your craft space or room and any furry crafty friends you may have. Well mines a bit of an embrassment, one because its so tiny and two because looking at the pics its such a mess! an awful mess! guess who will have to do the dreaded craft tidy up soon!!! Ooooh I do hate that job it takes me hours!!!!!!!!!!!!
So heres the Messiest Craft Space your likely to see! eeek!
I tried to get as much as I could in the top pic, I tided my desk for the pic lol, all those odd bits of d/s tape I do use really, the rest just leave a mess. I dont think I am a tidy crafter!. The plastic draws house my stamps, the window sill is home to my die cutting machines. The box behind my pens is scrap odds and ends I try to use them but its a bit overloaded now! The draws do look tidy but :-
They just hide more mess!!!!!! My kitten loves my desk because she can jump through the little cubbie holes onto the main desk area then on to the bed! She also likes to climb under the desk and go behind the back of the draws and climb up them, little monster!!!!!!!!!
And can you see those little teeth marks? Guess whos had fun gnawing!
As for my other little rascal, well he likes a ribbon!
Hehe this has been a much longer post than I thought it would be!!! lol.x


Dawn said...

Joey I LOVE your pictures and wow didn't realise you had two furries too! They are just adorable.
Well your craft space doesn't look too messy to me - I have seen a lot worse!!
Thanks for joining in!

Heaps of Hugs

Pascalebrad said...

I didn't believe it when you said that the bedroom has been taken over with craft stuff but it quite obviously has! True crafters stylee though it's everywhere! Love your kitty's. Pascale :)

Mooneybeams said...

I like it! Creative chaos, not mess! My craft space is the right hand side of the dining table. Sigh!

Rach said...

jo, your craft space is tidy up to mine sweetie, you have no worries there, anyway any mess is creative mess which is allowed.
Your two kitties are adorable, how kind of them to help you out in your crafting. Hugs rachxx

Anesha said...

Your room looks so tidy! Love the cats, don't they just help at the right time!:-)

a message from gillyflower said...

oh i'm sure my craft room has been messier than this at times
and i haven't got two little helpers to help tidy mine like you have