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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

OOOOPS!!!! Now that wasn't spose to happen!

What am I spose to do now?! my desk collapsed into my lap just now! excuse the bits of d/s tape they do get used on fiddly bits!. everything went flying and its unfixable!!! (I want it to be anyway hehe) I did say last month I wanted a new one, so I guess this is my excuse! crafting on the floor for a while I think!
feeling a little bit more like me again now, on my 4th box of tissues, and my upper left lip has decided to swell out with bumps and ugly things, not sure what they are but they are incredibly sore, but at least I dont feel so flu'ed up now! YAY!!!
Just to Update:-
well went to the doctor this morning and i have 5 coldsores, never suffered with these before! I now have some tabs to take the swelling down, my gosh its a struggle to drink a cuppa today! will have to buy some straws!
I WILL BE GOING TO ALLY, I WILL I WILL I WILL!!! Think I best wear a mask though and sit in the ugly corner with a cross on a sign lol.
desk not fixed yet either!!! apparently- get this- its not essential?!!!! WHAT!!! men they will never understand. Just like the other day i had to call in to smiths to get another roll of d/s tape, he said well cant you wait till saturday- uh - NO!. then last night he said i bet you aint opened that much needed roll of tape yet have you! i lied and said i have, he said i bet if i check your bag its still there i said go ahead its not. this morning he says you got any stamps? i said yeah in my bag, oooops forgot to take the tape out!
So I am undecided on where to make any cards today, the floor eeek dont think I want a crook neck, the sofa would mean carting a load of stuff back and forth i dont fancy that either, and if i sit on my bed i'm likely to drift off to the land of zzzzzzzzzzz, I shall think of something or not! lol.
have a good day all.x


Dawn said...

Hi Joey
Och! just lost my post - So sorry I have been MIA lately - my head is in a spin half the time! My house is like a revolving door!!
Now what's been up with you and your flu - it sounds terrible and FIVE cold sores - oh dear! I sometimes get them and they are pesky little brutes!!!
So hope you feel better soon and get theat man to get you a new desk!!! LOL It is an essential craft item!!!

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon and I hope you get a new desk very soon too. It will have to be the deluxe model seeing as you have had to wait for it !!

Keep well,


Jo x