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Thursday, 18 September 2008

I Dont Do Tempertures!!! :o(

Oh No!!! I have the blasted bug! I am so not impressed, my head is throbbing, my ears are ringing, my chest is banging and my throat feels like its on fire, and to add to it a Temperture, WHY?! I hate them with a passion!, I feel like I have been sitting in a sauna, the sweat makes me look like I have been sitting in a sauna, my chubby bits tell me different though. The good news is my son is feeling much better, I dont think we have the same thing as he hasnt complained of a sore throat or had a temp thank goodness, hes still bunged up so he wont go back to school till monday.
Gosh I am so miserable tonight :o( , no sympathy from my lot, but I will go out like planned tomo and fight these bugs! I will I will I will, the sheer thought of getting out of bed tomoz eeeeekkkkkk!
My daughter is now in the juniors and was sent home with a recorder, I am not sure if they class it as learning or parental torture, I sure hope their music teacher works his magic and fast!!! She is great at learning new things so hopefully it wont be too long that I listen to the out of tune squeaking of it!
I asked them both what they would like from father christmas today, one said a new table to eat their dinner off, the other said a laptop like yours mummy! Hmmmmm dont think father christmas will be buying any new laptops unless they are for me :o) I do have a list it tots up to about £1000 thats just for me and doesnt include anything crafty my guess is I might be lucky and see those pigs flying first! lol.
enjoy the end of the week, cough cough!xxx


Roxy said...

Hope you're feeling better really quick! The bug is no fun.
Be blessed!

Finjill said...

Joey!!! Where ARE you? Hope the bug didn't get the better of you! GET WELL SOON!

Viv's Visuals said...

Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Hi Joey, sorry to read that you're not well, there are so many bugs around at the moment, I hope you're feeling a bit better today. Thanks for the lovely comment you left for and your blog looks wonderful! You have so many creative ideas, your cards are brilliant. Made me laugh about the Christmas list and the recorder. I remember being tortured for a very long time! Take care of yourself. Chris x