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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ever so Polite

But lol, here mrs scatty goes again, you know blogs you really like! can you just add em to your side links without permission from the blog owner?! does it matter? just want to check as there are many blogs I am coming across and they are well worthy of a browse! lol, and I want to add em to my links.thanks.x

Not sure if any crafting will get done today, I have a stack of ironing to do, general round the house stuff and so much more! plus its racing day so that takes a good couple of hours out of my day! go mclaren go!

have a good week all.x


Finjill said...

Hi Joey! Love to know the answer to that one, I am still a virgin at this blogging!HAHA. Love your new card!
TC Jillx

Nicks said...

Hi Joey, If Blogs are in the public domain, I don't reckon you HAVE to ask permission. having said that I usually post a comment on the persons blog and say that I am adding them as a link or I email them to say so. Just out of politeness really.

PS is it Ok if I add you?? LOL!!

Sian said...

Well, when I first started my blog I used to ask people before I added a link, but then I started discovering links to my blog on others that I visited, so now I don't bother asking and I just add them. I haven't had any complaints so far. I think most people are pleased to be linked as it helps generate traffic to their blog.

joey said...

thanks sian.x

cor nicks i think my politeness must stem from your influence! lol.x

Jill hun you will soon learn.x lol

Artyfax said...

I think most people would be glad of any traffic generated by links to their blog. But Nicks is probably right, leaving a comment out of politeness can often result in a reciprocal link. can't be bad