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Friday, 12 September 2008

Does anyone have 5 minutes spare?

OOOOOOH tut tut I just dont get the gist of the hyperlink thing, I know it makes life so much easier but I cannot do it! Can anyone explain it to me in simple terms as I am a simple girl! lol, arggggh What am I suppose to do and how do I do it when I leave comments?
thanks hope someone clever can help me :0)


Lesley said...

hi huni...wish i could help u....not evn sure what a hyperlink

Nicks said...

well I'm going to be not much help cos it won't work for me (my computer glich!) so I have to do it the longwinded way of doing it in word and then cut and pasting

but thought i'd say Hi!

craftypixie said...

Sorry Joey i no help eother,some days it works for me others it dont lol
Hope you and kiddies are good
Wendy x

Roxy said...

Let me ask a friend of mine who has a blog. She might know.....I know I don't. I'll be seeing her Sunday morning at church.

Dawn said...

Hi Joey
Have sent you an E-mail - let me know how you get on!!


Sian said...

First go to the site you want to link to, highlight the address and press ctrl & C to copy it. Then go to your post and highlight the word you want to link from. Click the link button at the top of your post window. Click on the box for URL and delete the http:// that's already there. Press ctrl & V to paste in the address for the site and click the OK button. You should then have the link in your post and can carry on with the rest of your post as normal.

Mee said...

I'll try my best to explain:

Type in exactly what is written below noting that there is a space after the 1st a and also after "> (these are not obvious and I think this is where peeps go wrong, well I did anyway lol. You can write anything where I have written MY ENTRY e.g my card, here etc.
Good luck and fingers crossed it works for you.


Alternativley after :// you can copy and paste your page link then continue from ">

Sue said...

Welcome to SBS 23..I am a little late but in welcoming you, so sorry! Watch for my blog post on Monday, I am doing a tutorial on basic blog links...things I just learned and want to share!

Artyfax said...

lots of advice but Sian has it taped. You can do it manually but why not use the blogger tool?