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Monday, 7 July 2008

houses houses houses

Thanks Heidi i think you have started off a little addiction here!
Well i was needing to do something for the teachers at school and loved pearceys idea of bookmarks! joyce kindly sent me a bunch of patterns and i thought omg and left it at that!!! decided to make a start on one of the houses for my street and ended up with it being for the teacher, so i thought Hmmmmm thats a good idea so heres what i came up with!The first one is for the teacher who is leaving us this year, so i thought flutterby butterfly was apt for that one, i covered the base in chalks, and then utee, heat embossed the little butterflys down the side, added some ribbon, the dymno is getting a work out this month and stamped the big butterfly on card then acetate.The second one is for the main teacher, i keep seeing things with rainbow colours so thought i would try, i used pencils from ikea much to hubbys annoyance!, made a little blackboard, added an apple and ribbon and done!The third one is a stamped image ontop of some alcohol inked acetate, i added loads of gems and a tassel.I hope they like them!.

I Dare You - I could not resist in showing you now!!!!

thats me finished now! :( but heres the houses i did for Heidi i sure hope she likes them!!!!!!! The first house i called "flying the nest", I knew i wanted to have this phrase on one of them, and the image happened by accident as i was rummaging through a draw and found it and thought oooh that would fit!,so i stamped another stamp to use its wings. i alcohol inked the base of the house and covered the top half of that in utee, the bottom half i added some mesh and the dynmo words. the heart is made of clay and i painted it with acrylics, i rubbed a gold rub on all over it. the top part with the 3 mini butterflys i stamped and embossed and added them on to some gold beading and attached them to the image as if the were flying "the nest".

The second house is called "what it means to me", i wanted to sort of sum up what a home would mean to people, i dont like where i live but know what the home really means to me if that makes sense!.
at the moment it would not be me creating if i didnt use a clay mask another addiction!, so i added fibres for her hair and plaited them, i wanted them to give the effect of curtains. the roof i added a piece of patterned paper, i added ribbon as a divide, i stamped loads of words into clay and painted them black, these were the words what mean something, the dynmo words are the material things!. i added silver rubon to the whole piece. i wanted the base to be textured so i added 2 different types of mesh, and some foil and painted that black to, i used the heat gun to dry it rather than have the bubbled up effect, i am so impatient!
I have to say i am actually quite chuffed with both of these houses, and cant wait to start on my own!.


Trudy said... to work harder now on mine

karen said...

I love the houses hunni they are fab as always.
Thanks for the award I'll be sure to add it to my blog and pass it on as soon as possible.

Katherine said...

They are abfab!

WendyK said...

Love the houses, some super ideas there.

Sherry said...

Brilliant houses - and the teacher ones are fab - bet they didn't get anything else like those!