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Friday, 13 June 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!!!

Next to October, July is deffo a busy Birthday month for me! phew i have made these and still have more to do!!! they are photographed like this for a reason as some are for cyber friends, the one concealed at the back is all your going to get to see of that one! lol, sorry! but just wanted to show you i wasn't sat doing nothing for the last day!.
I have done a few atcs too, i feel i am ready to enter the world of swapping again, as apart from with janet i haven't done any 1-1 swaps for ages!!!!!!!!!!!! so i am trying to find the inspiration for making them again.
Raging toothache yet again, i just wish this wisdom tooth would leave me alone, its the last one to come out, and it is taking its time, i have the taste of metal in my mouth, and its begining to swell fast! i still have the antibiotics from last time it reared its ugly head so shall pop them and book the hospital appt to have it removed! hey i wonder what it would look like altered?! Hmmmmm haha as if.

I DARE YOU - i think i've missed a day or so, so shall just update as and when lol! but i now have 2 challenges to do, trudy would like something altered into a brooch and fush would like me to alter a magazine image, i have some ideas for both but nothing solid as yet, just hope i do them justice whatever they turn out to be!.
ooooh and its friday the 13th and apart from now its the first time i have thought about it! good job else i could have been injured on me trip round the shop! lol.
have a fabby dabby weekend all.x

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Sian said...

These all look great.