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Saturday, 31 May 2008

crafting with a hangover!

Had a fabulous night last night!, went out with my sister and a few people from work, and drunk far to much! oooops!, have had a little bit of a hangover today, but had to make sure i started getting back on top of those cards i have to do! soooooooooooooo, i made the 4 fathers day cards i had to. i made an atc last week i forgot to upload called freak i am so chuffed with it, swapped already too! wooooooo not swapped any of ages!
This first one is for my daughter to give to her daddy, the magnolia images suit my daughter so well, and i thought it was quite cute.
the second is for my son to give to his daddy, they read a book together often called a rumble in the jungle, and our son is such a cheeky monkey i thought this would be perfect!
the third is for my father in law, he likes his gardening.
the fourth is a simple one for my dad, i can never think of anything to do on his cards and usually end up buying him one, so i decided i would try my hardest to make something this time, i dont usually do simple, but i think it works well.
and the last thing is my Freak atc!.

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Sian said...

Great cards, and I LOVE the ATC.