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Sunday, 6 April 2008

i have been painting

i have been busy drawing and painting this weekend, and here are my results. the cat is a close up of my cat max, i painted it with acrylics onto canvas paper, he wasnt looking straight at me, but his head was slightly angled thats why his eyes are on the slant.

the flowers are of a iris and a lily, not too keen on the lily!!!,both i used watercolour pencils and pens.

and the bird is using charcoal on canvas paper, he is my friends bird Bobby.


Sian said...

Fantastic Paintings! (There's something on my blog for you:

smellihelli said...

loving that kitty cat - and the flowers are beautiful

PBird said...

I knew you were a blether! Lol. Your paintings are gorgeous, no doubt that portfolio will be full soon xx

Duckface said...

just beautiful work, you always amaze and please well done