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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Clothes Monster ABSA again!

i am scratching my head, as i am so not sure on this, i think it is original enough to enter the swap with, but not sure if it is good enough?!
i was thinking along the lines of those stupid pegs which always seem to mark my clothes, and i have to iron over them again and again, so was thinking peg monster i think too much!
anyways following the rules i used acetate as my background, but it looked so plain so i added buttons to the underside of the acetate, just to add something extra to it i guess. i used shrink plastic to shrink 2 stamps i had stamped out, then attached those with wire round the jaws of the "monster". i used acrylics and beads and the heat gun to give the body some texture.
now heres the STUPID JOEY bit as with everything i do i thought how can i show its on an acetate background? oh i know i'll peg it to the clothes airer and photo it that way, so what happens?????
so impatient!!!!!
it drops of the airer straight on to my cream sheets, and you got it course it wasnt dry so i have lovely acrylic red blodges over the end of my bed!!! i rubbed them to try and well i dont know and just made it worse!
so the long and short it really is a monster! lol


smellihelli said...

i LOVE this one - its fabulous

duckface said...

awesome job - just where does you mind go hahaha

joey said...

i wish i knew heidi!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Poor you!! That Nicks has a lot to answer for. I shall be looking at my pegs in a different light from now on.