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Saturday, 2 February 2008

so not sure about this!!!

my gosh i am so not sure about this, i wanted to be experimental with the image but not sure if i just made a complete mess of it! i look at it and it doesnt fill me with wow i love you, maybe i would be better heading back to the drawing board with it! still we live and learn. maybe its because hes a man! men dont tend to impress, i think i might have a go with the lady in the stamp pack and see if she gets the creativity going better! fingers crossed i get an injection of creativity tonight as i am desperate to make some atcs after being poorly this week! uggggh think its a case of sods law.


smellihelli said...

i like it -love the tripled '?' :)

duckface said...

well if you cant love it trust me i do love it awesome