My Lovely Followers Thankyou :)

Friday, 15 February 2008


omg i didnt know i could add music to this until i read someone else had! wowzer copycat joey! but omg we have music, only a selection of some of my fave tracks, gees i have spent ages looking through thousands of songs, well i say thousands i gave up after 30 so shall have to go back and get more! crank up the volume!

have done 3 pages of sketching! am about to do some more and a painting oooooh the excitement specially with me headies on, think mart might be giving me an asbo tonight lol!

i firmly had the hump today but this has cheered me up

have a good weekend all.x


Artyfax said...

Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea fantastic, thanks for the tip - John

Oh yea and thanks for commenting on my blog, always pleased to hear from visitors. BTW you have some fantastic ATC's on display. I have favourited this blog on MyBlogLog so that I can pop back often and keep an eye on your sketches which I hope you will be posting.- John

Artyfax said...

I have added the player to my blog, but my choice of music is very different to your, thanks for the tip- John