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Saturday, 9 February 2008


all chores done, washed and dressed! and have all afternoon to play, and what happens?, the inspiration is non-existent, have my stamps out on my table looking at them, and looking again and nothing,not one single droplet of inspiration at all! arrrrgggghhh! i am fed up with it, when will i get a free afternoon like this again! going to browse some galleries hoping something comes into my head, else it will be a wasted afternoon!

the kids on the other hand seem to have the inspiration they need! their bedroom floor is like something out of a war zone, covered in paints, needless to say their bodies are even worse!!! i just chucked a tea towel in and hollered at them to dry up the puddles! and join in with them yeah right i am truly in the way!!!

cuppa and notebook at the ready and off i go to gallery land!

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