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Tuesday, 12 February 2008


pretty sums up my mood! foggy. i took a picture of the fog for my blog poetry i am good! lol, but it doesnt show up so well so didnt bother posting it!, my hubby said what you doing that for, the short sharp answer was well i aint making anything to put on there am i! lol, oh the joys of frustration in crafting! heidi if i find any inspo i'll share a little with you cos i nice like that! fingers crossed i get something done today even if it just be one little atc just one, not alot to ask the brain cells! if not it might just be another wasted day of online poker! ooooh and i checked my countdown only 31 days till the formula one season starts whoo hoo! roll on the 14th march yay, something to look forward too. have a grand ole day

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